food photographer

Food photos dominate every other social media channel and you can find colourful stacks of vegetable plates drizzled with rich sauces, but how do you get that plate of pierogi to look not just palatable, but perfect? Here are few tips to help you exactly do that and get drooling photos of food.

  • Lighting

Whenever you are taking photographs whether it is food or any landscape, lighting is essential. When taking food photographs keep few points in mind. The soft natural light minimises harsh shadows and gives your dish a fresh, airy quality, but ensure that the sun is not shining directly on the dish. Turn off any indoor lights as it gives the food a yellow cast. In case, you do not have access to natural light, you can mimic window light by using single, diffused light source.

  • Use Reflector

Shooting with a single diffused light source will result in a shadow to one side of your food. To brighten up the dark areas, place a reflector or white card on the shaded side of your dish. This will bounce the light back and give your dish a more even appearance.

  • Backlight the Food

When taking photo of food, avoid placing yourself directly between the light source and your subject. Shooting with the light at your back will make the food look flat and less interesting. Instead, place the light behind your dish to create drama and texture.

  • Shoot from Different Angles

Taking food photographs from different angles is essential as different dishes look good from different angles. Burgers should be photographed from the side, so you can see the condiments, while pizzas tend to look better when shot from above. Most dishes have multiple flattering angles, so the more you experiment, the better your chances of getting the best shot.

  • Set the Table

If you want to photograph multiple dishes at once, then place all of the dishes on the tabletop and stand on the chair to get a bird’s eye view. The table arrangement needs to be reset a few times to find a balanced composition to get good photos. You can experiment with colourful plates, silverware, matching napkins and glassware to get the look you want.

The above-mentioned are few tips to get the best food photographs.